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About us

Kaj Beetstra has an entrepreneurial background and previously founded the Amsterdam-based organic food delivery start-up Goedgeboerd. After realizing his heart was not in the food industry, he moved on and started the initial development on Slide. Kaj is passionate about automating his house and making his inventions accessible to the world.

Thijs Olthof previously worked as a strategy consultant and independent business developer in the profit, non-profit and public spheres. He has focused on helping small organizations scale and create business strategies for the long run. Thijs has developed a fondness for start-ups and the innovation they bring, while at home he enjoys tinkering and integrating various smart home solutions.

Together, they have founded Innovation in Motion, the start-up behind Slide. With IIM, they combine their backgrounds in entrepreneurship and business development and their shared passion for home automation. Slide is the first in a series of new products that will make the smart home accessible to everyone.

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